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Varieties of olives

The three authorized varieties of olives used for making Majorcan Oil have organoleptic, physical and chemical properties that complement one another, leading to the production of different types of high quality oil.

At Monnaber Nou we have the Majorcan olive variety and gives to the oil a mild, sweet quality and ripe almond flavour.

The Majorcan variety lends the oil a flavour reminiscent of unripe fruit. Meanwhile Picual olives give it a spicy, bitter taste.

As regards the oil's fat content, this is directly associated with the type of olive used. Oils made with the Majorcan olive or Picual variety have an oleic acid content that is higher than oils made with the Arbequina olive.

The Majorcan variety has a high unsaturated fatty-acid content which exceeds that of oils made with any of the other varieties.